Mind Games: Writing a Dark Thriller

The second book in my Gordon Pope series takes our intrepid child psychiatrist into some darker territory. Readers have said that the first book, The Sleepwalkers, occasionally ventured into horror. Of the two, I think Mind Games is the darkest, although it may not be the scariest.

I wrote Mind Games during a tough time in my life, which I’d love to tell you all about, but it might spoil the book for you. Suffice to say Mind Games was the first of all ten of the books I’ve written that was almost purely therapeutic for me. I poured out a lot of stuff onto the pages in the wee hours of the mornings, and it kept me sane.

In the sell, sell, sell mentality of self-publishing (and traditional publishing, too) we writers can often forget that a book doesn’t have to be written purely to make money. Success doesn’t have to mean sales. When I started writing I did it because it was a structured way to organize a story that bounced around my head. It was an exercise in patience. A dare to finish something and put it out in the market. I knew the odds of it getting read or making money were very slim. Over the years I’ve been blessed enough to sell thousands of books, but in all the hubbub of selling and pitching and promoting I sometimes forget that when all the dust settles, for me, writing is ultimately still an exercise in expression and discipline. It’s greatest benefit isn’t financial.

Mind Games helped me remember that.

I hope you Gordon Pope fans enjoy it.

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  • Dear Mr. Griffith,

    This sounds like a delightful book to me, please tell me there will also be: (1) an audiobook-version, and/or (2) an epub-version available.

    ludwig van El | September 6, 2018
  • Hello Ludwig! No audiobook version yet, but the epub is available at itunes, kobo, and on nook!

    B. B. Griffith | October 4, 2018

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