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It’s been some time since I’ve chatted with you. When I started this blog to go along with my publishing ventures all those years ago, I was putting out a post a week. Can you believe that? What was I on? Coincidentally, at that time I also put out one book every two years. That wasn’t gonna cut it. I figured in the scheme of things, readers like reading books more than blogs, so I decided to ramp up the one and cut back on the other. But I’m here now. I’m back. All is well. And I’ve got a new series for you.

I always like to have two series going at once. I had the Tournament series going at the same time as the Vanished series, and now that the Tournament series is at a resting point, I’ve got a new series going at the same time as the Vanished books (don’t worry, the Vanished books have no resting point in sight).

This new series is called the Gordon Pope Mysteries. They follow the adventures of a has-been child psychiatrist as he deals with the really hard cases. The kind that are a little spooky, a little pulse-pounding, and a lot entertaining (I hope). The first book in the series is called The Sleepwalkers. Here’s the cover and the blurb:



When a strange epidemic of sleepwalking strikes the kids of Baltimore, only has-been psychiatrist Gordon Pope understands the truth of what is happening. The problem is, Gordon lost all of his self-confidence and the lion’s share of his client list in his divorce. Now he can’t seem to get anyone to listen.

As the epidemic grows, Gordon unearths clues with disturbing parallels to his own childhood and soon comes to realize that if he can’t stop it, and soon, the consequences will be disastrous.


I was a sleepwalker as a kid. I scared the tar out of my parents and my little sister on multiple occasions when I’d be found wandering around the house at 3am in my Transformer pajamas. My parents eventually had to buy a dog gate for the stairs. Seriously. Trust me when I say the sleepwalkers in this book do a lot more than wander around the house in Transformer pajamas. I think you’ll really like it.

I’m also trying something a little new here for release, and I hope you’ll indulge me, or at least bear with me. There’s a program that Amazon has called Kindle Scout. If you enter your novel into Kindle Scout, you give readers thirty days to vote on it. If it gets enough interest, the people over at Kindle Press will buy it and publish it and (most importantly) promote it on my behalf.

So if you’ve got a spare minute, please check out the Scout page for The Sleepwalkers. It’s right here. If you like what you see, you can nominate the book. If Kindle Press buys it, everyone who nominated it gets a free copy. Which is pretty swish.

I do wanna be clear here: I’m publishing The Sleepwalkers regardless of if Kindle Press buys it or not. It’s going to be hitting the store in a little over a month one way or another. I just thought this Kindle Scout program sounded interesting and I’m a sucker for bit of good ol’ fashioned competition.

Meanwhile I have a set date to get the first draft of my manuscript for the third book in the Vanished series to my editor. March 11. So hopefully I’ll be able to release two books here in the span of a couple months. I have a title for Vanished #3, too. But if I told you that, I’d have nothing to blog about next time. Which I absolutely promise won’t be half a year away.

As always, thanks for reading. You are the reason I can do what I do, and I’m ever grateful.



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  • Any idea when the 3rd vanished book will be out

    Mark leroux | June 1, 2016
  • Hi Mark! I know I said this two weeks ago, but this time I really think The Coyote Way, Vanished #3, will be out in two weeks. I should just learn to double my estimates from the start :).

    B. B. Griffith | June 2, 2016
  • Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading all your books one after the other. I look forward to more.


    Cheri | April 4, 2018
  • Hi Cheri! Thanks so much for your kind note! I hope to give you more soon!

    B. B. Griffith | April 7, 2018

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