Summer Crushed

Summer Crush is the fourth book the Tournament series. It reads as a standalone novel, which is something I’m really trying to do with each book in my series now, but it’s best read after the Tournament Trilogy. It makes me happy for several reasons:

1.) It wraps up a lot of loose ends. It takes place ten years after the events of the trilogy, so it allowed me to jump right into a world that is fully immersed in the Tournament, and that was fun.  

2.) Summer Crush is essentially a book about figuring out when and how to ride off into the sunset. I think it’s a fascinating thing, figuring out when to let go. Retiring requires a certain amount of humility, which is hard to come by in the players of the Tournament. Would they fight until they dropped? Would they know when to quit? I got to explore all these things.

3.) It means I’ve covered every season now. Fall, winter, spring, and summer. Why release the “summer” book at the end of fall? Well, maybe you just ask too many questions, buddy.

 4.) If I ever decide to release all four as a set I can call that set an omnibus, which just sounds cool.

‘Oh, hey Brad, what are you doing these days?’

‘Me? Oh, this and that. Working on the deck. Took up spinning. Just wrapped up my omnibus. That sort of thing.’

 5.) I finished another book. That makes five in seven years. How about that, eh? Not too shabby. I know a lot of self-published authors put out five in one year, but I like to contemplatively swirl my glass of scotch on the rocks with every sentence I complete, and a rigorous publishing schedule just doesn’t allow for that. It’s a very important part of my creative process, swirling scotch. I steeple my fingers a lot too and sometimes drum on the desk with my pen. Very important stuff.

Here’s the book, and the links. It’s on sale for release, too, which might not make a lot of financial sense, but I don’t really care. I’m just happy people are reading.  Also, I take the Edward W. Robertson approach to indie-author marketing: if it feels crazy, it’s probably going to work.

Summer Crush - Ebook small












From here I have two Tournament ideas brewing that will approach the Tournament from an entirely different perspective. Be on the lookout. I’m also deep into the second book of my Vanished series. It’s a good one to be writing right now. It’s spooky, and this time of year you can lay on the spookiness pretty thick.

I hope you enjoy Summer Crush. If you do, let me know! If you don’t, feel free not to let me know! I’ll just be over here swirling my scotch.


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